Welkom bij Global Fishing - Maker van de Navigator en Maverick

We are a Dutch based company that prides itself in the fabrication and distribution of the Navigator and Maverick Baitboats. We lead sales and production of these master range baitboats here at GlobalFishing from beginning to final production; this ensures that our quality is second to none. Not only do we fabricate our Navigator and Maverick range, we also design our Boats. As well as our baitboat range we also offer a full range of accessories, loose components and Depth Finders.
Here at GlobalFishing we work with well-established partners and brands. This unique boat has been developed in Holland and only makes use of the best quality components available. The quality and design of our handcrafted Baitboats are portrayed in years of experience by GlobalFishing designing and using Baitboats. We have bundled all this knowhow and technical experience into the Navigator and Maverick range to bring you a Baitboat that has a distribution to date in excess of 2600. The development in Baitboats is constantly on the move, with the Navigator and Maverick we bring you a Baitboat that is equipped and packed with features of the highest quality available at present. This quality coupled with the fact that the looks of our baitboats can only be described as sexy, it is a boat that will pass and exceed any of the desires and high expectations looked for by todays demanding carp angler. Find Us on Facebook and stay up-to-date with all our new developments.
A frequently asked question is the difference between the two boats. The difference between the Navigator and Maverick can be found in the Handset and Hook-release system. The Maverick uses an entery level Handset and has no Hook-release system.

  • Good Service
  • Custom Made in Holland
  • Superiour building Quality
  • Best of its kind!
  • Four years warranty

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