Welkom bij Global Fishing - Maker van de Navigator en Maverick



Customize your Maverick or Navigator baitboat in spectacular way

Meanwhile the quality of our Maverick and Navigator baitboats is known everywhere. To emphasize yet again that you are dealing with a uinique handmade product, we started a collaboration with H2O Foliedip.

Who is H2O Foliedip?

A concept in the market when it comes to hydro printing. The perfectionist method from H2O Foliedip is very simular to the Global Fishing philosophy. Only the best is good enough for your boat! Choose from more than 2.000 prints,  it will give a unique look to your baitboat. Hydro printing helps you to protect your baitboat. Convince your self and visit www.h20folidip.nl.


Hydroprinting top cover Maverick/Navigator Print with dull finish 249,-
Print with gloss finish 299,-
Hydroprinting hull Maverick/Navigator Print with dull finish 349,-
Print with gloss finish 399,-

Alle prices including 21% VAT

Instead of Hydroprinting you can also opt for traditional spraying!

At Global Fishing we work with specialists, and the craftmanship is very important for a shiny result. More colour options are possible, actually the sky is the limit! Several finishing options like metallic, pearl-effect, uni-colours or two-tone. In order to avoid any disappointment tell us exactly what you want!


Spray paint top cover Maverick/Navigator Uni paint choice of colours 169,-
Metallic/Pearl choice of colours 179,-
Spray paint hull Maverick/Navigator Uni paint choice of colours 199,-
Metallic/Pearl choice of colours 209,-

All prices including 21% VAT

The advantages of hydro printing:

  • No cutting edges
  • Heatproof
  • Seamless transfer of print
  • everywhere covering
  • Scratchproof
  • Extremely durable
  • Realistic look
  • Complex forms no problem
  • Applicable to almost any material
  • No aftermarket look
  • Colorfast
  • No shrinkage
  • Choose from more than 2.000 prints